Multifox: How to Maintain Multiple Browser Profiles and Site Sessions in Firefox

Are you looking for a way to log into your multiple Facebook accounts at the same time? If yes, then Multifox has the answer for you.

Multifox is a browser add-on that is compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The function of the add-on is to let you create multiple profiles of Firefox. Each profile can have its own cookies thereby its own site sessions.

To get started, simply download the extension from its homepage and then install it into Firefox. Once the add-on is installed, you will find its icon placed in the top right corner of the browser. You will find options to create a new profile from the dropdown that appears when you click on the icon. The dropdown also displays an option to enter the browser’s private browsing mode – in case you do not want anything to be tracked.

Multifox 1

To create a new profile, either click on the New option from the dropdown or use its hotkey shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+M. You can keep creating as many profiles as you want. By default, they are numbered and the profile’s name / number appears right next to the add-on’s icon.

Multifox 2

You can rename the profiles any time you want. Options for these can be found from the same dropdown as before. In addition to being renamed, profiles can be deleted as well.

Multifox 3

When the profiles have been created, you can easily switch between them and sign into different accounts of the same website i.e. you can maintain different browser sessions. Take a look at the following screenshot. I am signed into two separate Gmail accounts in different Firefox profiles.

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Multifox 4

People might argue that if you really want to log into different accounts of the same website, you could use different web browsers. While that solution might be convenient for up to two accounts, it would become increasingly difficult to install additional browsers for each account that you want to sign into.

With Multifox, on the other hand, not only do you get to stick to your favorite browser – Mozilla Firefox – but you also get to keep your accounts independent of one another. So you could log into Facebook in Profile 1 and then in Profile 2, no website will be able to track your Facebook information.

People looking for increased online privacy by separating sites from their networking accounts or people looking to sign into multiple site accounts at the same will greatly benefit from this add-on.

You can get Multifox by clicking over here.



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