‘Sound Valley’ Plays Nature’s Sound on a Set Schedule [Windows]

Do you need to have some kind of sounds playing in the background in order to help you focus on work? Personally, I prefer instrumental rock playing while I work. But I find sounds of nature to be equally helpful. For this latter option, Sound Valley is an excellent tool.

Sound Valley is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers running the Windows OS. The function of this nifty application to help people relax during work or any other time by playing sounds of nature for them. While there are numerous application that provide this functionality, Sound Valley’s ease of usage and ability to run on a schedule for a certain period of time is what sets it apart from the competition.

To get started, simply download and install the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 33 MB. When you open the app after it has been installed, you find a window that resembles a media player; this window will have buttons for play, stop, next, and previous.

Sound Valley 1

When you click on the play button, sounds of the forest in the daytime begin playing by default. Clicking on the next and previous buttons play other sounds. These sounds can be managed from the app’s scenes list.

Sound Valley 2

While nature’s sounds might be relaxing during your work time, there might be a few loud noises that come up suddenly. People who are easily startled might want to disable these loud noises from a button available on the application.

Sound Valley 3

Like mentioned earlier, the application can be set to play these sounds for a particular duration of time. This can be helpful, for example, when you want to go to sleep and after you have gone to sleep, you want the application to stop playing its sound.

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Sound Valley 4

The app can also be set to play at a certain recurring time throughout the week. Optionally, weekends can be included in the recurring schedule of the app. The periodicity and duration for the recurring sounds can be controlled by the user.

Sound Valley 5

Sound Valley will be of great use to anybody who is looking for an easy way to relax through nature’s sounds. I feel that the application has a limited collection of sounds at the moment but for most people, these sounds will do. Whether you want some soothing sounds playing in the background while you are working or going to sleep, Sound Valley will serve just fine.

You can get Sound Valley from this link.



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