‘WorkRave’ Helps You Take Work Breaks to Prevent RSI [Windows / Linux]

Many computer users whose jobs require them to type for long hours at a time suffer from RSI i.e. repetitive strain injury. To ensure that you do not suffer from RSI, you need to use your computer in a non-stressful position and, more importantly, take breaks between work. Here to help with the latter is an app called WorkRave.

WorkRave is an excellent freeware application for computers that are running either Windows or Linux. The function of this nifty app is to help users prevent RSI. This goal is accomplished by preventing the user from typing non-stop on the computer keyboard. The app monitors the time that the user works and then periodically prompts the user for a break.

To get started, you must download and install the app’s setup file package – it is sized at nearly 13 MB. Once this step is complete, you can open the application. After the app is opened, a new system tray icon appears of the app from where you can check out the app’s timer settings for the micro-break, a rest break, and the daily limit of work monitored by the app.

WorkRave 1

By default the timers for the micro-break, rest break, and daily limit are 3 minutes, 45 minutes, and 4 hours respectively. But these timers can be changed anytime by entering the app’s preferences. In addition to the timers, the app also lets you modify the maximum number of break prompts that you receive during work.

WorkRave 2

With your preferences set, you view a mini window on your screen. This is WorkRave’s time monitoring window that shows you the time left for your next micro-break and rest break. The timers stop when your system is idle; in other words, the app does not consider an idle system to be ‘work’ thereby stopping the timers.

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WorkRave 3

When the timers run out, a prompt is shown for the relevant break.

WorkRave 4

The prompt window as well as the previously mentioned timer window display how much time is left for the break to be over.

WorkRave 5

To view your work and break stats at any time, you can right click on the app’s system tray icon and click on the Statistics option.

WorkRave 6

The statistics window will display stats for all kinds of breaks for all dates. You can optionally clear the stats history from the app.

WorkRave 7

In this simple way you are able to take breaks between work and prevent your hands to be stressed enough to the point of RSI.

You can get WorkRave for Windows and Linux from over here.



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