How to Surf the Web Anonymously and Browse Blocked Websites with ‘Epic’ [Windows / Mac]

Epic‘ is just the web browser that I, and thousands of internet users like me, need. The focus of this remarkable Chrome-based browser is to preserve your online anonymity. The creators of the browser have come up with the perfect way to fend off tracking cookies, script, and anything else that compromises your online privacy. As a result of this, not only do you end up with secure internet browsing, but also with the ability to browse websites that would otherwise be inaccessible.

When you install the browser, its default settings will disable various tracking methods that are enabled on other browsers. To be more specific, Epic does the following:

  • The browser blocks ad networks, third party widgets, tracking scripts, and tracking cookies. In addition to keeping you secure and anonymous online, blocking these things ends up speeding up your browsing experience.
  • The searches you execute on leading search engines in Epic are automatically routed via proxy to ensure that your searches are never saved.
  • When you click on a link to be taken to a new website, data is sent that tells the new site about which site you came from. This ‘referer data’ is not transferred in Epic.
  • The browser does not store any history.
  • Epic does not support installation of extensions.
  • When you close the browser, all your stored data is automatically wiped clean.

All these features work together to provide you with a thoroughly secure and private web browsing experience. Let me share a few screenshots of my usage of the browser:

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The following is a screenshot of my IP address in Google Chrome (from WhatIsMyIPAddress):

EpicBrowser 1

As you can see, everything is in order – the IP address and my geographical location are accurately detected. And if I were to open up sites like Hulu, I would get notifications showing me that the site is not accessible from within Pakistan. But in Epic, I can optionally enable the global proxy from the browser’s address bar.

EpicBrowser 2

And viola! My IP address is changed (in Epic).

EpicBrowser 3

Hulu, and countless other blocked websites, are now completely accessible! I can open such websites in Epic while my proxy and IP address settings remain unchanged in my other browsers.

EpicBrowser 4

And as with any other website on Epic, a notification pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen shows me the trackers that Epic managed to detect and block.

With all its cookie and script blocking, Epic realizes that there might be particular websites that fail to function properly because they rely heavily on their scripts. This is why the browser lets you tweak these settings from the Umbrella icon in the address bar.

EpicBrowser 5

I could not be happier with my discovery of Epic and I could not recommend it more. There are countless websites that I cannot access because of my geographical location – this browser solves that problem for free!

You can get the Epic web browser for Mac and Windows from this link.



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