RarmaRadio: Stream Online Radio Stations and Record Music Off Them [Windows]

Online radio stations are an excellent way to discover new music and tune into old classics of any genre with ease. If you check out online radio stations often, you should check out an app called RarmaRadio.

RarmaRadio, by RaimerSoft, is a wonderful free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of this application to help its users tune to any one of hundreds of available online radio stations. The app makes the stations easily searchable, sortable, and also favorite-able. You can save stations with custom names and properties. And if you are listening to a song that you really like, you can quickly have it recorded through the app.

To get started, you should download and install the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 11 MB. You can then open the app’s window and begin looking for radio stations. The left pane can be used to browser radio stations by their category, network, region, or simply by searching through keywords. Matching stations are then displayed in the center pane.

RarmaRadio 1

The center pane displays the station’s name, the music genre, the origin country, the network, type of audio available for streaming, and the streaming audio bitrate.

You can have a station streamed by double clicking on it. Alternatively you could right click on a station’s name; this action reveals additional options.

RarmaRadio 2

Through the right click menu you can stream the secondary stream, if available, add the station to your presets, or access the station’s properties. Through the properties window, you can edit the name, URL, website, genre, tags, country, city, state, and comment relevant to the station.

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RarmaRadio 3

Once the station begins playing, you will find the song being played in the bottom pane of the application. The song will include song title and artist information.

RarmaRadio 4

RarmaRadio provided numerous recording options to its users. You can have the entire stream recorded as a single audio file, separate songs automatically recorded, or simply initiate the record when you want to.

RarmaRadio 5

The length of audio recorded is displayed in the bottom pane.

RarmaRadio 6

Accompanying the length of the recorded audio, is the file size being taken by the recorded audio.

As you can see from the above screenshots, RarmaRadio is an excellent online radio streaming and recording application. If you use online radio stations often to listen to music and if you are a Windows user, then it does not get any better than this app.

You can get RarmaRadio from here.



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