Encrypt Digital Data into Audio Files with ‘DeepSound’ [Windows]

Are you looking for an unsuspecting way to encrypt your data files? If yes, then DeepSound is just the tool you need!

DeepSound is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows OS. The function of this application is to encrypt your data files in a very unique way: within audio files!

While most encryption techniques simply create an encrypted duplicate of your file, this application creates an encrypted audio file that others will not suspect of being encrypted in any way. The audio file can be played as usual; but it can also be passed into DeepSound for de-cryption and to obtain the files that you encrypted into it.

To get started, download and install DeepSound setup package that is sized at nearly 2 MB. Once the app is installed, open it. From the left pane of the app’s main window, explore your system files and select a carrier audio file. The concept here is similar to that of telecommunication – a carrier wave is used to ‘carry’ the original wave; over here, the carrier audio file will be used to ‘carry’ the files you want encrypted. Supported audio formats for this file include WMA and FLAC.

DeepSound 1

With the audio file selected, you can go ahead and begin adding the files that you want encrypted. The allowable size of encrypted will vary from file to file. This size is displayed in the bottom bar of the window so you know at all times how many files you can still encrypt.

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DeepSound 2

Once you have selected the carrier audio wave and picked out the data files to encrypt, you can specify the output format of the resultant audio file. Optionally you can type in a password that will be used to de-crypt the audio file. AES 256 bit encryption is provided.

DeepSound 3

With everything set up, your audio file is generated and outputted into your specified folder. This file can be opened in any media player and listened to – the audio contents will be the same as the original carrier audio file. To obtain your data files, simply open the file from DeepSound. If you had specified an encryption password, you will be asked for it, and the data files will be made available.

DeepSound 4

In this simple way, DeepSound uniquely encrypts your data files. For people who are looking for a more subtle way to encrypt their data, it does not get any better than this!

You can get DeepSound from over here.



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