‘Unchecky’ Protects You from Malware During App Installations [Windows]

When I am trying out a new application and I have no time to spare, I dive right into the application setup and breeze through the setup options with their default values. The problem with such ‘breezing through’ is that the default options often install additional applications with the main app. Most of the time these additional applications are not related to the main app in any way and end up wasting your disk system, slowing down your PC, and just forming an undesired clutter.

While I am aware of this problem, I inadvertently go through the default options in a hurry and end up regretting my decision. What makes it worse is that the checkboxes for those additional programs are enabled by default – hence the ‘default options’ predicament.

Here to provide a swift solution to the problem is the excellent Windows application called Unchecky.

Unchecky 1

Unchecky is an excellent piece of freeware for computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of this nifty application is to disable the default options that are present in application setup windows. Needless to say, this saves many of us from a lot of headache. By disabling those options, we are forced to actually see what we enable or disable in the app setup. I am positive that users would not deliberately allow the installation of extra browser toolbars or other irrelevant computer software.

In addition to unselecting the checkboxes that appear during the installation of any application, Unchecky informs you whenever you are about to install applications that are potentially unwanted. You can then choose to go ahead with the installation or stop it right there.

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To monitor the checkboxes that appear in installation files, an instance of Unchecky is always running in the background. This instance can be suspended anytime through Unchecky’s own window. Its own window is also where you can change its default language from English to, at the moment, Russian.

Unchecky 2

The benefits of Unchecky will be very obvious to anybody who has mistakenly installed a lot of browser toolbars. By freeing people from one of the most common penetration points of unwanted application, this application is definitely doing all Windows users a valuable service. You should install it right away and see what a significant difference it makes.

An additional tip for our readers: after installing any application, go to your list of installed programs and ensure that only the installed application appears in the most recently installed apps.

You can get Unchecky from this link.



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