Use ‘CoolTweak’ to Resize and Upload Images from the Context Menu [Windows]

People who share their images online on a frequent basis often find themselves resizing their images or ‘optimizing’ them before the upload. While there are numerous applications that help you do this, you mostly have to open the image within the app to begin customization. Here to make the image editing options more accessible is a tool called ‘CoolTweak‘.

CoolTweak is an excellent piece of freeware that lets its users quickly resize and upload locally stored images from the Windows context menu. The options provided by the app can be accessed through its submenu from the main menu that opens up when you right click on an image. The following screenshot will do a good job of explaining what I mean:

CoolTweak 1

To get started with CoolTweak, you will need to download and run its installer which is sized at nearly 0.5 MB; the installer will again download a nearly 6 MB setup file and proceed with the main app’s installation.

CoolTweak 2

When the main app window is opened after installation, you will find a few introductory screens following which the main CoolTweak will be displayed.

CoolTweak 3

This main view basically serves as a customization portal for the submenu options which appear in the context menu. A few options are loaded up by CoolTweak by default; these options include having the image resized to 900px or 1600px maximum width and height and uploading the image to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, or 500px. An option to add a watermark to the images is also provided. For many users these options shall suffice. But if you want to go further, you can create customized options that involve resizing, uploading, or both.

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To edit present options, simply find the icons present to their right on the main window – hover the mouse over that area to make the icons visible.

CoolTweak 4

Editing options include editing the icon, the label, remove the menu option, or turn it into a main menu with submenu options.

CoolTweak 5

When you add a new main menu or submenu item, you can add resizing and uploading actions to it. For each type of uploading task, you can specify whether to keep the original image or produce an optimized version of it before uploading it.

CoolTweak 6

The output quality of files while creating customized resizing actions can also be specified. These options let you choose between image quality percentage, image quality size, and setting the whole resizing part to ‘automatic’.

CoolTweak 7

As you can see, CoolTweak is a powerful application that brings simplicity to one of our most commonly used tasks – sharing pictures online with our friends. You should definitely give it a try if you find yourself often uploading images to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, or 500px.

You can get CoolTweak from here.



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