Eusing Maze Lock: Pattern Based Locking Technique For Windows

If you use Android, you probably know how to unlock your phone using specified patterns. That’s drawing a line pattern on a 3×3 or 4×4 point interval. Although it’s personal preference but remembering passwords might not be as good as remembering patterns. If you’re used to unlocking your phones using the pattern lock system and want the same on your Windows computer, we got just the thing for you.

Presenting ‘Maze Lock’. An amazing free application that gives you the ability to use pattern locking system instead of putting in passwords. Maze lock is only an 808kb sized application and can be easily installed on any Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8 based computer. After you’ve downloaded and installed the application, run it and it’ll take you directly to the configuration part. It’s UI (user interface) is pretty straight forward and anyone can setup a pattern for their computer with ease.

Eusing Maze Lock

Click on ‘Reset Pattern’ and draw your new one that’ll be used for opening your computer. You can choose how many points you’d like to draw your pattern. 3×3 (9 points), 4×4 (16 points) or 5×5 (25 points). After you’ve chosen your pattern, I’d advise to click on Backup Pattern to save it incase you forget it. It’ll save it as an image file, .bmp extension.

Eusing Maze Lock - 3

Next comes customization. Click on General and quiet a few options will be displayed. You can set the Autlock timer, turn off the monitor, disconnect internet when your computer is locked, alert when an incorrect pattern is entered, lock keyboard, add an alert text and more.

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Another great thing about Eusing Maze Lock is that it has hotkeys support. Press Windows key + A for quick locking the computer, Windows key + C for opening the configuration windows, Escape key for cancelling incorrect pattern and Enter for showing/hiding unlock pattern window. If you want to lock your computer without hitting any keys, just left-click the maze lock icon in your windows system tray and click ‘Lock computer’.

Eusing Maze lock - 4

Personally, I found this application very handy. There are numerous occassions when I have to move from my seat and I hesitate logging off my computer all the time. Eusing maze lock turned out to be faster than my regular logging off, logging in sessions. It resumes whatever I was doing in an instance and whenever I’ve to leave, I just hit Windows key + A and take off.

Download Eusing Maze Lock here.



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