FreeMind: Create Mind Maps and Get their Usable HTML Code [Windows]

Does your organization rely on mind maps for team meetings or to generally communicate ideas? If yes, then “FreeMind” can definitely help you out.

FreeMind is an excellent piece of freeware for Windows. The app’s function is to let people create mind maps with ease and then export them to a variety of file formats.

The first step in using FreeMind is to download its setup file which is sized at nearly 35 MB. With the application installed and running, you will find a window with a primary node already loaded up.

FreeMind 1

The left most pane will let you quickly mark particular nodes with special icons. These icons include question marks, warning signs, numbers, and a lot more. The bottom pane is where users can quickly edit the font and textual formatting options of the node that they are currently on.

To quickly change formatting of a node you can switch its physical state from the ‘Format’ menu. Hotkey shortcuts are provided for these states so any states you frequently use can be quickly assigned to the node that you are on.

FreeMind 4

To begin expanding your mind map from the first primary node, you can check out the available options under the Insert menu. With respect to the node that you are on, you can quickly add child nodes, sibling nodes, previous sibling nodes, and new parent nodes. Again, keyboard hotkey shortcuts for these nodes are available that let you quickly expand the mind map with ease.

FreeMind 2

In addition to nodes, you can add images, files, hyperlinks, and graphical links to your mind map.

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As you edit your mind map, its HTML is generated. This code can be accessed anytime that you want from the bottom pane of the application: the area where the textual format options were previously present. To have the HTML code displayed, you should switch from the ‘Layout view’ tab to the ‘HTML Code view’ tab. You will find that the appropriate HTML along with the relevant CSS is generated. This code can easily be used on your website or other web-projects to have your mind map properly incorporated into it.

FreeMind 3

In addition to copying the HTML code off the bottom pane, you can simply export your mind map into an HTML file to get its usable HTML code. In fact, numerous format options are provided when it comes to exporting the mind map: PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, and a lot more.

FreeMind 5

As you can see, creating mind maps with FreeMind is easy. It definitely helps that a wide range of output formats is supported. To view all the features of this wonderful app and to see all that it can do for you, you should check out the examples given on its official page.

You can get FreeMind from this link.



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