Android: Listen To Youtube Videos And Save Bandwidth With uListen

We all love to stream videos to listen/watch our favorite artists on youtube. Doesn’t matter how satisfying that is, it’s going to sweep your bandwidth and your phone’s battery pretty fast. But don’t let that keep you away from it, we got the thing for you. Presenting ‘uListen’ – an amazing app that gives you the ability to listen to your youtube videos hence saving all that precious bandwidth.

uListen (YouTube Audio)

After installing the application, you can search for your favorite music. You’ll see get a list of similar suggestions as well and all you need to do is tap on any of the video and uListen will start playing it’s audio.

uListen - Settings

You also have the ability to turn on or off the option of streaming high quality audio. It’s all about preference, if you need to save more bandwidth, make sure it’s turned off.

With uListen, you can also add an unlimited number of videos and YouTube playlists to your favorites, Create and edit your own playlists, Backup/Restore saved playlists to external storage. It also generates custom urls if you want to share your playlists/videos with your friends.

uListen (YouTube Audio) - Search

Conclusion: It’s a must have app for anyone who loves listening to music using Youtube. The only thing you might not like about this app are the ads displayed below the videos. But those can be ignored, not a big deal for most of us.

Download uListen

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