Sublime Text: The Code Editor You Will Fall in Love With [Mac / Windows / Linux]

Developers often find themselves choosing between a proper IDE and a simple text editor that helps you modify / write the code. If you are developer who goes with the latter option, like myself, then you are going to fall in love with a tool called “Sublime Text.”

Sublime Text 01

Apart from writing application reviews, I am a full time Ruby-on-Rails developers. In the past I used Netbeans to write code but soon afterwards I moved to Vim. My time using Vim made me miss all the cool things that Netbeans had to offer – automatically encapsulating selected text in quotation marks (to turn them into strings), provided a browsable heirarchy for files within the project folder, and letting you search for files. The only reason I ever gave up Netbeans was it massive loading time. With Sublime Text, however, it is now possible for me to get the best of Vim and Netbeans in a single application.

Sublime Text is an excellent text editor that comes in versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. The application is best suited to writing code. A wide variety of programming languages is supported. The file extensions are used to detect the programming language and the syntax selection is automatically made. With the application open, you can open your project folder and have the contained files shown in a navigable interface in the left pane.

Sublime Text 02

The center pane is where your opened files appear.

Sublime Text 03

Files appear in different tabs between which you can easily switch. An overall zoomed-out view of the current file is displayed in the right pane; a semi transparent overlay in this right pane displays which position of the file you are currently viewing.

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Sublime Text 04

Their are cool text editing options available that let you do a lot of fund stuff such as splitting selected text into different lines.

The sleek interface and the cool text editing options are accompanied by Sublime Text’s excellent “find anything” feature. This feature lets you search for project files in a jiffy.

Sublime Text 005

Of course, there are numerous other types of searches available that let you search for everything – from symbol names to text.

As mentioned earlier, the app supports syntax highlighting for a very wide range programming languages. In the rare occurrence of a programming language syntax not being natively supported (e.g. CoffeeScript), others have written plugins to incorporate the appropriate files and have syntax highlighting enabled.

Sublime Text 006

The speed with which Sublime Text operates, opens files, and does things is truly impressive. The application is not free but it comes with an limitless evaluation period! Go ahead and give it a try today.

You can get Sublime Text from over here.



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