Obtain Photo Details in Chrome with ExifViewer

Exif data is contained in digital photos, though its hidden behind the scenes. The information, which is Exchangeable image file format, follows the picture from the digital camera to your computer and even when the photo is uploaded to the web. It can be stripped out, but few do this, which makes it a fairly simple matter for others get the details.

However, if you want to view this information in the easiest way possible, a Chrome extension known as ExifViewer can display it without you having to lift a finger.

Once installed in your browser, you can head to the Tools menu and click extensions, then scroll down to find it. Tap Options to get a page that allows you to alter the behavior. This isn’t necessary unless you wish to change something — by default it will display the camera model, focal length, Fnumber, exposure time, ISO speed, date and time the image was taken and the software used to edit it.

exifviewer options

However, if you are looking more then there is a rather extensive list of options you can add — they are written out below the defaults, and you will need to manually copy what you want into the box.

You can also alter the cache size and add sites that you wish to exclude. Both Bing and Google Maps are excluded out of the box, though you can remove one or both sites from the list.

exif data

With everything set, simply browse a website and then hover your mouse above the image. Don’t be surprised if some show no data, as I said it can be stripped out and, in some cases it has been — a “not Exif data found” message will appear.

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