Solayo is A New Search Engine For YouTube, SoundCloud and Dailymotion

We have plenty of video sharing services in the Internet, but YouTube is one of the most used video streaming websites. Dailymotion is also one of the  popular websites for music and video playback. You will find some of the videos which are not available in YouTube. SoundCloud is a famous audio sharing service in the Internet. It lets you quickly create a playlist of songs and audios from different users in SoundCloud. Today I came with a new web service called “Solayo” which acts as a search engine for all the above mentioned web services.


To start using Solayo, you can register either using your email id or using your Facebook account. For doing a normal search, you don’t need to create an account but for creating your own playlist from different media services, you need an account. When you go to Solayo’s website, in the front page there will be a search bar, where you can directly search for the content you need. You can also find the popular video songs in the homepage and below that you have the sign up button.


Once you create an account, you will see the instructions to use the application. Instead of searching for a media, if you want to listen some random songs, you can go to radio and choose genres from the list. In the radio section you have different genres like rock, hiphop, world music, etc. In the media search you can combine all the three services or search in different services individually. It will let you search for a particular keyword in three different web services from a single place.

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Creating a playlist or adding songs to your current media player is a breeze in this application. If you search for a particular keyword and want to add the all the search results to your playlist, just click the “Add everything to my playlist” icon below the Search button. Also you have “Filters” to refine the search results. The results can be filtered based on duration, music or any content and media or playlist. If you place the cursor on any of the search results, you will get options to play, play next, add playlist and much more.


Another important option in the application is, you can search other users in the “Search for people” box on the top. In other users profile, you can see their playlists and the songs they have played recently. Also you can follow people to get their updates. There is also a personal messaging feature with other users. It is an excellent application for people who want to organize their playlist from different media services. It is a free web app, so try this and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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