Photon: Edit Your Photos Right From Facebook Using Google Chrome

Editing photos (the right way) is not an easy job. Applications like Adobe photoshop, lightroom etc can be too much for an average person who has little or no knowledge on how to post process pictures. To overcome that dilemma, we have just the thing for you. Presenting Photon, photo editor for Facebook.

It’s an awesome Google Chrome based extension that adds an additional icon to facebook photos giving you the ability to edit any photo using different sets of effects. Here’s how it works.

After installing the extension, bring your mouse over to any uploaded picture on your Facebook account and you’ll notice a small icon.

Photon - Icon

Click on it and it’ll open a new tab. Amazingly, you’ll see 20 (very usable) effects. Enhance, add a frame, put stickers, focus a specific area also known as adding bokeh, adjust brightness or contrast, add text and many more!

Photon - Effects

From there, simply choose the effect, customize it to your needs and click Apply. After you’re satisfied with it, click on Save and it’ll download the edited version of your picture on your computer. Simply upload it from there and you’re good to go.

Photon - BlogsDna

All in all, this is a great little extension that can give that cool touch to your photos without doing much.

Download Photon Photo Editor for Facebook

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