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If you’re running a website, one of your main concerns should be how optimized it is for the web. Sites that load slowly usually loses their visitors. You also cannot depend on your web hosting company to do everything for you, even though you’ve rented a good dedicated server, in the end it’ll all depend on how your website is actually optimized.

Time to analyze your website and we’ve got just the tool for you. GTmetrix is probably one of the best services out there that gives you the ability to test your website speed and performance. Visit their site, enter the website address and click GO. It will start testing your website uses Google Page Speed, Yahoo! YSlow and a few other tools.


After it has analyzed your website, it’ll break down the results and will display everything that’s good or bad on the site. You can see your page load time, total page size, and total number of requests as well. The first tab you’ll see would be the page speed. If the website is graded ‘A’ under page speed and YSlow grade, you don’t have to worry about anything but if anything’s wrong, no need to worry, GTmetrix provides actionable recommendations to fix those issues.

GTmetrix - performance

Click on anything that’s grade C or under and it’ll show you where the problem is and how to fix it. Usually the best thing I’d recommend is to copy the problem, for example “Minify CSS” and search for a fix on google. The solutions are although provided but as we all know, taking second advice (google) is always better. I managed to take one of my sites from grade ‘F’ to grade ‘A’ in matter of one hour.

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All in all, GTmetrix is definitely something you should keep visiting and checking your website’s performance. Also, if you register for a free account, you’ll get awesome features as well like keeping track of the performance for your page and visualize your history with interactive graphs, testing from multiple regions, ecord your page loads and pin point exactly where bottlenecks or stoppages occur!, set up alerts and much more.

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