Rackarrack: A Guitar Effects Processing App for Ubuntu

You might think that a Windows or Mac computer are absolutely necessary if you need to get any type of musical instrument processing… but you would be wrong. Ubuntu machines are also provide numerous musical instrument processing applications. For electric guitar players who are Ubuntu users, an app called Rakarrack will be an excellent find.

Rakarrack is a free to use guitar effects processing application for computers that are running the Ubuntu OS. The application runs flawlessly and offers quite a number of impressive guitar effects that help you enjoy playing the guitar without the need for an external guitar effects processor or guitar amplifier.

To get started, you will need to install the application. Then plug in your guitar into the microphone socket of your laptop and use headphones from the speakers output socket to hear the sound. For newer laptops that come with combo mic and speakers socket, you will need a combo splitting cable that will help you split the combo into a mic and headphones socket each.

This is what the app will look like when opened:

Rakarrack 1

There are many effects and settings provided by the application. These include setting the volums for effects, input, and output; expander effects; sustainer effects; overdrive effects; stompbox effects; convoltron effects; analoger phaser effects; dual flange effects; echotron effects; reverbtron effects; and a sound looper.

Rakarrack 2

For each of the abovementioned effects, you get detailed settings that you can modify to get your desired sound. To enable an effect and customize it, simply click on the “On” button (this can be found in the top left corner of the effects’ box). The next step is to tweak its provided settings to match your preferences.

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Rakarrack 3

The looper effect can be used to easily record pieces of guitar music and then play over them. The looper offers tempo level customization and time signatures options.

Rakarrack 4

You can create as many settings as you want from the application and then save each setting as a different preset. Later, you can load up the preset for a particular song that you are about to play.

Rakarrack 5

If you are an electric guitar player who wants to experiment with a bunch of effects, then thanks to Rakarrack you will not need an external effects processor to make those complicated guitar sounds.

You can get Rakarrack from here; the website provides not only the download files but also instructions on how to download the app.



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