Easily Create Flipbooks Using PDF’s or JPEG’s with FlipSnack

FlipSnack is an amazing web tool that gives you the ability to turn your images or PDF files into a more dynamic reading experience. Whether you have an educational website, a food related website, real estate, tourism etc, FlipSnack is for you. You can easily render any PDF or an image into a flippable book. You can then embed it into your website and your readers can go through the pages without having to download or install anything on their computers.

FlipSnack is free of cost and all you need to do is register an account. As soon you’ve done that, head over to “New Flip” and click on add documents.

FlipSnack - Add Documents

You can either drag and drop, upload a file from your computer or simply import it from a URL. After importing the files, click on Next or Customize.

FlipSnack - Customize

You’ll see 5  templates to choose from, Classic, Hardcover, Coil, Interactive and Simple. Browse to the one you like the best and customize it more to your likings. You can choose the widget type, Shelf or classic. Choose the presets size or add in your custom width and height.

There are a lot of other customizable controls, like setting up cover, title, background options, show share buttons, enable files download and much more.

FlipSnack - Book

It’s definitely an ideal tool for web designers who want to engage their users in an interactive way instead of boring them with those flat documents. And it’s very easy to create one.

Check out FlipSnack


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