qSnap Editor: Cross Browser – Multiple Page Screen Capture Tool

There are numerous instances in our daily lives where we need to take screenshots, whether they’re for work, design basis or something we need to save for future references. Clicking the print screen button, pasting it into paint or any other image application, cutting out specific parts can take most of our precious time. Also, if we need to take a screenshot of the full page of a website, there’s no easy default way to do it.

Presenting qSnap, an awesome extension that works on all the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet explorer.


It gives you the ability to capture either a visible screen or a full website screenshot with a single click or with the use of it’s default keyboard shortcuts.

Qsnap - Capture

After installing and clicking on capture (we selected capture visible part) you’ll see a bunch of options on top of qSnap bar. You can edit or add different yet useful tools to that screenshot, like an arrow (pointing out to something specific), text, blur any part and many more.

Another awesome feature of qSnap is that you can add multiple screen images to your timeline or manually add different image files as well.

Qsnap - Multiple

qSnap also offers an account on their website which you can use to store your images on their free hosting service, share them on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or send them via email.

All in all, if you’re looking for a productive snapshot tool, look no more. qSnap has it all.

Download qSnap

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