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We all have our favorite shows, the ones we feel a need to watch every week. For the most part it’s simple in this era of the DVR — we don’t need to know when its on, what channel carries it, or even need to be home during the broadcast. But things can go wrong, leaving the viewer to wonder if the show was on or not. Or perhaps, just want to know if it will air again next week.

You can visit the various web sites and show pages for the each of the programs you watch, and you will likely find the information you wish for, from episode number to title and air date, but a web site called Episode World can provide this all in one convenient location.

To get started, simply visit Episode World and you will be greeted with a page that displays the days top shows that are set to run on various networks around the world.

home page

The focus of today’s entertainment is front and center down the middle of the screen, but there are left and right columns that allow you to view schedules for upcoming shows, look through DVD’s for various markets, check the top 20 programs and a lot more.

However, the big feature is the search, which is found at the top right of the page, allows your to enter any show title. Hit enter and you will receive the show page, or a short list of similar programs — for instance, shows like Top Gear have multiple versions, including ones for the UK, US and Australia, which you will have to choose from.

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Seasons are numbered across the top and each displays the shows beneath. Data includes episode name, number, and air date. There is also a summary of the show plot and information on the actors.

episode guide

Finally. each episode contains an iTunes link for those looking to purchase one, or more, along with data regarding the channel and run time.


There are countless resources to provide TV information, but Episode World is simple and displays concise data, along with all of the information most users could ever want. Combined with other resources like IMDB and sites from TV networks and show producers, you should have everything you could ever want.



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