Take Control Of Your Google Chrome Tabs With Frummo

When we’re busy working, it’s hard to notice the plethora of tabs opened and going through each and everyone of those gets a bit irritating at times. Presenting an amazing chrome extension called ‘Fruumo Tab Manager’. It is the easiest to use tab manager for chrome.

After installing Frummo Tab manager, you’ll see a new icon in your Google Chrome’s extension area showing how many tabs are already opened. Upon clicking that extension, it’ll bring down the list of opened tabs, along-with a few options.

Frummo Tab Manager - Tabs

As you can see, upon clicking, it showed me all the opened tabs. I can now search through these open tabs, search through my bookmarks, close, refresh or pin any of those with a single click. If I need to switch to any tab, all I have to do is click it.

If you need to search your bookmarks, type in ” , ” with your keyword and it will give you the exact results.

Frummo Tab Manager - Bookmarks

Features include:

-Search through open tabs
-Search through bookmarks by starting your search with ‘,’
-Search through various commands by starting your search with ‘.’
-Close any open tab
-Refresh any open tab
-Pin any open tab
-Move any open tab to separate window
-Interactive tutorial
-Open any of your bookmarks
-shows you number of opened tabs
-refresh all tabs
-close all tabs
-close duplicate tabs

All in all, it’s a great little extension that can do wonders for you if you have a lot of bookmarks and have to work with a lot of tabs.

Download Fruumo Tab Manager

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