Easily Find Movie And TV Shows Information, Trailers, and Subtitles Via Your Context Menu

I love TV shows and most of the times I’m spending time checking out information about the seasons, their trailers and subtitles for somes as well. Presenting Portitle, an awesome app that lets you search these via your windows context menu with a click on a button.

If you need to search for, lets say, subtitles for a certain show or a movie, just right click on the file and click on ‘Portitle’.

Portitle - Search

As soon you’ve clicked on it, Portitle will open a link that matches your file name. You’ll see 5 tabs, Information, Trailers, Subtitles, Download and Watch. Its sources include Filamaffinity, Google, IMDB, LocateTV, MovieMistakes, SideReel, TVDB, TV.com, Wikipedia and a number of torrent sites as well.

Portitle - Site Selection

Lets assume that you want to download subtitles for a certain movie or a TV show. Click on Subtitles and you’ll see some subtitle sites like opensubtitles, podnapisi.net, subscene and subtitles bank. Upon clicking on any of those sites, it’ll take you directly to the page where the subtitles are present.

Portitle - Subtitles

I tested 5 – 6 files and the everything was accurate! – Although, I’ve heard that it can mislead you if you’re looking for more information on documentaries. I don’t have any of those with me else I’d check that rumor out as well. It worked perfectly fine for me.

You can download Portitle for your windows desktop, google chrome and VLC (Video Lan) extension. Windows 8 and Android support is coming soon as well. Give it a try if you’re a movie/TV fanatic as well.

Download Portitle

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