‘RIOT’ Sizes Down Images With Minimal Quality Compromise [Windows]

Images can always be sized down… but not without adversely affecting their visual quality. Fortunately however, an app called RIOT can be used to effectively size down images without visibly affecting image quality.


RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows OS. RIOT’s function is to let users size down images with ease. The app comes in a setup package that is sized at nearly 1.8 MB. During the installation, the user has to be a bit attentive so that he / she can opt out of the third party software that comes leeched onto the setup. Once the application has been installed, you can open up an image file from it. The image is automatically loaded up and analyzed at first. The original image appears in the left pane whereas the resultant image i.e. the sized down image appears in the right pane.

On top of each image, you find its final file size. This becomes a quick indicator as to whether or not RIOT’s controls have been useful in sizing down the image.


In addition to automatically resizing the image, the app offers various manual controls. And before you can move onto these controls, you can make a minor view changes to the image; these changes include rotating the image or reflecting it horizontally or vertically.


Users can have their digital images resampled as well with custom dimensions and various resampling filters.


The bottom pane of the image is where the ‘fun’ controls are. Here you can, to begin with, pick out the output image format: JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Depending on which format you select, you are able to specify the quality percentage, compression level, color reduction level, optimization filters, and more.

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You can optionally strip the resultant image of all attached metadata.


Any changes you make are reflected right away in the resultant image preview (right center pane). If you go for very low quality levels, the image might lose its brightness – something that can be easily fixed through the app’s brightness and contrast levels.


With all of this done, you can easily output your resultant image and use it wherever you want.

RIOT, in short, is one tiny yet powerful image resizing application – one that all image uploading users should have in their arsenal.

You can get RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) from its official website over here.



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