Easily Track Your Favorite Television Shows with ‘Episode Calendar’

Many tech-professionals such as myself no longer watch the television. To make up for it, we simply download our favorite shows off the internet. But to know when our shows will be available, we need to have a proper tool at our disposale – a tool like “Episode Calendar”.

Episode Calendar 1

Episode Calendar is a user friendly website that lets its account holders track their favorite television shows. You can begin using the tools on the site by first creating an account on it. The next step involves searching for shows and then adding them to your list of favorites. You can do this for as many shows as you like. On each show’s page you get a season-wise breakdown of the show’s episodes.

Episode Calendar 2

The main feature of the site is what its name is all about – a calendar that displays when your television shows are going to air. The calendar displays the current month and the shows’ episodes are displayed in each date’s box.

Episode Calendar 3

You can conveniently browse through the calendar mark watched episodes as “seen”; you can hide particular episodes you don’t want to appear on your calendar. Such marking helps because in case you forget to keep in touch with your shows, you can log into the site anytime and see what you have missed through the “My unwatched episodes” section.

Episode Calendar 4

The sites serves as an excellent series discovery tool as well. Signed in users can use various sections on the site – such as the footer – to view which shows are currently trending.

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Episode Calendar 5

Signed out users or people who do not have an account can still checkout trending shows’ lists and the episode schedule of all shows on the site.

Episode Calendar 6

If that has not impressed you yet, maybe the following will: Episode Calendar also offers various show format options, an RSS feed to get notified of show episodes via your feed reader, an email notification system for your favorite shows, and an embeddable calendar widget to use on your own site!

As you can see, Episode Calendar has a lot to offer to people who track their favorite TV shows online. While contributing to the site’s code in minor ways, I have spoken with this site’s creator, Kristian Gerardsson, a number of times and he plans on adding a lot more features to the existing ones of his site: custom user formats for show titles, phone applications for the site, and a lot more might not be very far away.

Meanwhile, people can make use of what the site currently has to offer by signing up for an account.

You can check out Episode Calendar over here.



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