How to Check a Forgotten Password in Chrome

We all have a huge number of passwords to remember these days and it is little wonder that many of us need a little help. Chrome can be used to save and automatically enter passwords into websites that require you to login, and while this is a useful feature, it also makes it easier to forget what a password is — if you never need to enter it, you don’t need to be able to recall it!

But the time may come when you do need to know a particular password. You may decide to switch to Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer for instance, and then you will need to be able to manually enter passwords. Thankfully, Chrome makes it possible to recover passwords when you need them.

Launch the web browser, click the menu to the upper right hand side of the window and select the Settings option.


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Show advanced settings… button.


Now look for the Passwords and Forms section and click the Manage saved passwords link.


You can then browse through the list of saved passwords by scrolling through the list, or you can make use of the search bar to the upper right of the dialog. Notice that your saved password is hidden at the moment.


Click the entry that you are interested in, and then click the Show button that is displayed.


Your password will then be revealed ready for you to make a note of. Just click Done when you have finished.

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