Cyotek CopyTools: The Easiest Way To Backup Your Important Files And Folders

Ask the importance of backing up from someone who have lost their precious files because of hardware or software failure. Keeping your data backed up should be your #1 priority. Forget about doing that manually since we have a treat for you. It’s called ‘Cyotek Copy Tools’.

It’s a free application that lets you backup any of your files easily. Designed for windows, the application comes on 2.6mb only but is feature rich. It gives you the ability to copy or move files with a single click since its user interface is very user friendly. You can copy your files in to computers, remote servers or USB based devices like external hard drives.

Cyotek CopyTools  - UI

As soon you’ve downloaded and installed the application, start by making a new profile by either hitting CTRL+N or click file > New Profile. Browse to the folder which you want to backup and click on next which will take you to ‘files to copy’.

Cyotek CopyTools  - Profile

From there, you can either copy all files and folders in that directory or make your own selection of files. Click next which will bring you to the 3rd tab named ‘Destination’. You can browse to the drive you want to backup those files at, which can be a remote server, USB based drive or any other connected computer.

Cyotek CopyTools  - Destination

From there, you can select how do you want those files and folders to be copied. You can select ‘Copy’ which will copy sources to destination, Mirror which will copy source to destination and delete obsolete files from destination, ‘Move’ which will move your files or select the compress option which will compress your files into a ZIP format (best for saving space).

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Depending on your schedule, you can choose the frequency on how often do you want that profile to run. And that’s about it.

Cyotek CopyTools  - Schedule

All in all, it’s a must have application if you’re looking to backup your files easily and also need compression and schedule features.

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