CloudSave Adds a Handy Cloud Option to Chrome

Chrome rose to popularity partially because of its speed, but also thanks to the number of extensions available. While the web browser has gained some bloat since those early days, the web store has grown in a much better way. The number of apps and extensions has jumped exponentially, while Chrome features and Google offerings continue to increase.

With more people saving files in the cloud, a growing number of dedicated extensions are popping up. However, if you are looking for an easy way to integrate multiple services, and get them all in one easy location then an extension called CloudSave may be your ticket.

“Right Click items on a webpage and save them directly to the cloud. Many cloud storage services are supported. Great for Chromebooks”, the developer describes.



To customize how things work, head to Chrome setting and click the Extensions option. Now scroll down to CloudSave and click on the “Options” link.

This opens a tab that display a rather compact list displaying choices for hosts, search and marketing. There is also a dropdown list that includes a rather long list of cloud services.

cloudsave options


CloudSave is a simple extension that adds big functionality to Chrome. With more people storing files on services like Dropbox and Google Drive, this makes a very handy solution. And, as the developer pointed out, is very handy for Chromebook users. Its well worth the free download.

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