Toodledo: Powerful To-Do list That Will Boost Your Productivity.

Organizing our tasks is a definitive method of boosting our productivity. Listing down things, priority wise, help us in sorting our tasks out easily. Keeping a to-do-list can reduce your work stress and help you in evaluation of what needs to be done and what can wait. Keeping that in mind, we stumbled upon a great service called ‘Toodledo’.

It’s a free service that can help you in beating your work overload. Its user interface is pretty straight forward. As soon you’ve registered for a free account, you’ll be taken directly to their tasks section where you can add what needs to be done. Click on Add Task and start writing down what needs to be done. You can make a new folder for each section, add a due date, and select how important the task is by selecting it under priority.


As soon you’re done adding your task, click Save and you’re done. Toodledo is very flexible and can be customized to your needs. You can select fields you want to use, change how you want to view your tasks and more.  Another feature worth mentioning is its notes section. Click notes and it’ll open a new tab where you can save anything that you’ll need later, for example; a website you want to visit in future, name of a song that you won’t remember after 20 minutes (happens to me a lot) and vice versa.


Then there’s the outlines tab where you can organize, let’s say your ideas and break them down into a hierarchical structure. The lists tab where you can add customized lists for anything.  That’s not all; you can get reminders for tasks that are due soon which can be received via email, phone, Twitter or your desktop.

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Toodledo is also on phones. You can download their app on your iOS, Blackberry or Android device as well.

Check out Toodledo.



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