Backtick: How to Use Popular Internet Services via Hotkey Shortcuts [Google Chrome]

Modern web browser users have numerous extensions installed for online video downloading, link sharing, and various other tasks. But in Google Chrome, many of these extensions can now be replaced with a single one: “Backtick“.

Backtick enables users of Chrome to quickly jump to popular websites or use their popular features from any webpage, through the use of hotkey shortcuts. The extension relies on its JavaScript to display a shortcuts panel that is triggered by a hotkey i.e. they backtick key on your keyboard. The shortcuts panel can then be used to perform a variety of popular internet tasks. These tasks include sharing the webpage you are on with your friends using numerous online social networks; downloading video off the video streaming page that you are on; saving the webpage for reading later; measure the pixel dimensions of page elements; and many more.

Backtick 1

You begin using the extension by simply installing it on your Chrome web browser. Once this is done, you will notice a newly placed icon of the extension in your browser’s address bar (see image above).

When you are on any webpage that you want to share, download, or read later, you can have the extension’s pop-up appear by clicking on the abovementioned address bar icon. Alternatively you can press the backtick key on the keyboard. The result would be a dark pop-up appearing in the top left corner of the screen.

Backtick 2

This pop-up lets you type in the task you want to perform and then it displays relevant internet options. For example, typing in “f” will reveal the option to share the current page on Facebook, share it on Flipboard, or share it via Buffer. You can make use of any of the options provided by simply clicking on them. Subsequently a relevant sharing page will be shown with your page URL already loaded within in.

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Backtick 3

Similarly, you can use the shortcuts panel to share your website across numerous popular online social networks. Supported networks include Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and many more.

Backtick 4

As mentioned above, the extension can also be used to download videos off popular video streaming websites. Many sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, are supported for this video downloading feature. All you have to do is trigger the relevant option while streaming the video.

Backtick 5

As you can see, this tiny little extension can be your replacement for multiple extensions that you might have installed. Backtick’s ease of use is truly remarkable and makes me wonder why nobody had thought of this before. Developers will be pleased to know that custom shortcuts can also be defined into the extension’s JS files to be used from the shortcuts pop-up.

You can get the Backtick extension for Chrome from over here. The official website of the extension can be checked out over here.



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