How to Edit Images and Get their Detailed Analysis with ‘Image Analyzer’ [Windows]

Do the regular image editing tools not fulfill your image analyses needs? Do you need an app that offers editing and analyses features in the same package? If yes, “Image Analyzer” is what you need.

Image Analyzer 01

Image Analyzer is an excellent piece of freeware that offers its users a lot of image editing and manipulation features. But in addition to providing you with image editing tools, the app does a job more fitting to its name: it provides you with various analyses of your image. This latter tool will help professionals in any field that requires data collection from images on the basis of color breakdown, color balance graphs, etc.

To get started, you must download and install the setup file of the application. This file is sized at nearly 2 MB and it downloads in a jiffy. With the application installed, you can open it and then open any image file within it i.e. any image file that is stored on your computer. The image appears in its original dimensions on a colored canvas. By default, the color of this canvas is blue.

With the image loaded and appearing in the app’s window, you can head on over to the Operations menu to see all that this powerful little app has to offer. The ‘regular’ image editing functions involve resizing the image (or the canvas), rotating the image, flipping it horizontally or vertically, warping it, and more.

Image Analyzer 02

The submenus under the Operations main menu reveal the numerous tasks that can be performed on the image. Sticking with the editing features, you can have the colors in an image scaled down e.g. you can convert the image to grayscale or reduce it to 256 colors.

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Image Analyzer 03

There are also various analyses tools that help relevant professional get all required information about a particular image. The built-in color balance graph is an excellent example of this; it lets you choose the color model (e.g. RGB), the preset curves (e.g. brightness and contrast), and then the values for mean, standard deviation, minimum, and maximum points on the graph. The graph can change form as you move the sliders for the selected preset curves. In the background you are able to view changes applied to your actual image.

Image Analyzer 04

An even further set of image editing tools is provided that let you draw on the image, in addition to other tasks.

Image Analyzer 05

When you are done making edits to your image, you can easily import it into various formats while specifying preferences such as image quality and / or size.

Image Analyzer 06

As you can see, Image Analyzer is a tiny but powerful app that offers not only competent image editing tools but also useful image analyses features.

You can get Image Analyzer from here.



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