Compress Your JPEG Images to Save Space

In the days of digital photography, we are all swimming in images stored on our computers and, hopefully, backed up as well. We carry point and shoots, DSLR’s and smartphones, we use Flickr and Instagram — you get the point. All of this leads to a modern-day problem, in that all of this imagery uses up space, and lots of it.

You may be running low on storage, you may wish to send a bunch of family pictures to grandmom — there are numerous reasons you might have to compress these files. There is software that will accomplish this for you, even image editing programs like Photoshop can get the job done.

However, you can also get the job done via a web app. CompressJPG, despite the name, actually also works for PNG and BMP, which are also some of the more popular formats today.

To get started head to the web site and click on the “Select Files” button to launch an interface that allows you to browse your computer, and indeed your entire network. You will need to choose one file at a time, but you can add up to 20 image to the upload queue.


A slider bar lets you choose the level of compression and, once decided, the program is off and running. The length of time will, of course, depend on the size and number of the files you have tossed at it. Download the finished product when the web app wraps up.


If you already have a good photo editor then there probably isn’t much need for this service — as I said, Photoshop can handle it with the “Save for web” option, and others can do similar things. If you don’t own the software, or perhaps are working from a Chromebook, then this is a great way to handle the duty.

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