Upload Large Files and Share them Via Email with ‘LargeFilesASAP’

Do you want to share large files online? Are you concerned about the security provided by cloud-storage solutions? Would you prefer your files to be stored on actual servers? If yes, then you will be delighted to know of a file sharing website called LargeFilesASAP.

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LargeFilesASAP is a free to use web service that can be used to effectively upload large files from your computer and then share them via email. The emailing part is what makes the website particularly useful – all you have to do is provide yours and the recipient’s email address; the file is then uploaded and the link is emailed to the recipient.

Using this website involves three steps. Step 1 is where you provide the email addresses of yourself and the recipient of the file. The email subject along with body of the email can be specified in this step as well.

LargeFilesASAP 02

When you click on the Next button, you are shown a few additional features that you can subscribe to for the particular file that you are sending. These features include:

  • Including a Send Receipt with the email
  • Add a Pick Receipt to the email
  • Increasing the upload speed to the website with “Upload Speed-Boost”
  • Increasing the Expiry duration for the files that you upload
  • Adding multiple recipients to the email – this includes Speed-Boost as well
  • Uploading multiple files – this also includes Speed-Boost

LargeFilesASAP 03

You can opt to go for one or multiple of the above-mentioned services. Each of the services mentioned costs US$1.00. Of course you can choose to bypass all of these options i.e. go ahead with the file upload without subscribing to any services.

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The next step involves you picking the file that you are going to upload – your file can be sized as large as 2 GB. You can also edit the email addresses, email subject, and email body in this step. The website allows you to compose emails that are nearly 400 characters long.

LargeFilesASAP 04

When you click on the Send button, your file begins uploading and its progress is displayed with a green bar on the website.

LargeFilesASAP 05

Soon after the uploading has been completed, the download link for the uploaded file is emailed to the email recipient that you had earlier specified. The email’s recipient does not need to go through a bunch of unnecessary screens to download the file – just one click on the emailed link and the file download begins.

LargeFilesASAP 06

As you can see, sharing large files with LargeFilesASAP is easy and convenient.

Visit LargeFilesASAP by clicking on this link.



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