Find Music Online Through ‘Ultimate MP3 Music Search’ [Google Chrome]

One area in which the internet has really helped out is bringing music fans closer to the music that they love. Thanks to numerous online music stores and websites, you can easily find the songs and music videos that you want to check out. But sometimes, the searching can take quite a bit of your time before you finally arrive at your desired result i.e. you might not find the song you are looking for on a particular site so you end up jumping music sites till you find your song or video.

Here to help you in getting rid of this inconvenience is an excellent browser tool called “Ultimate MP3 Music Search“.

Ultimate Mp3 Music Search 1

Ultimate MP3 Music Search is an extension that truly lives up to its name. If you are a music fan that has Google Chrome as his / her default web browser, then this tool will prove itself to be heaven-sent for you. The function of the application is to help its users search for music from a variety of popular and prominent online music sources. The results are displayed in a filterable so you can optionally choose your music source. Song names and, if it applies, video thumbnail images are displayed in the result. Clicking on a result takes you to the original music link on the website which it belongs to.

To get started, you simply install the extension on your Chrome browser. The link to the extension will appear on Chrome New Tab page. Click on this link to open the extension’s window where you can type in a search query. Relevant results are quickly fetched from the internet and served to the user.

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Ultimate Mp3 Music Search 2

The results appear according to their Relevance to the search query by default. However you can have the results sorted according to the recentness instead, if you wish.

Ultimate Mp3 Music Search 3

As mentioned earlier, you are able to select the source of the results. There is a tab of labeled buttons available, right over the search results, from where you can select the website where the songs are fetched from. Websites from where the results are fetched include Mediafire, beemp3, 4shared, YouTube, Yahoo, Vevo, and more.

Ultimate Mp3 Music Search 4

In the end, you can click on the result that interests you the most so you can be taken to the original music link.

From the screenshots and descriptions above, you can clearly see why this tiny extension can prove to be very helpful for music fans. Not only are relevant music results fetched from prominent and popular music websites, but you are also provided with the option to filter said results according to the site. Thus if you are looking for any music source or one in particular, this extension is precisely what you need. Take it out for a run on your Google Chrome – you will not be disappointed.

You can get ‘Ultimate MP3 Music Search’ from here.



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