iGoogle Set to Die, Get Your Data Out Now

Google has a bit of a two-faced history. On the one, the search giant has a reputation for offering a large number of useful free services such as Gmail, Maps, Earth and many more. But there is a darker side, as well. The company has a long history of killing services that it no longer finds beneficial to its business model — regardless of what customers think. You will recall the death of Reader earlier this despite the outcry.

Well, iGoogle is also on that execution list and today it enters its final 24 hours of life. On November 1st, Google will pull the plug, and if you have not retrieved your personal data, then it will die with your old homepage.


Fortunately one thing Google does, aside from shameless killing off technology, is make it easy for you to retrieve your data. The search giant has a firm commitment to the fact that you own your information — Google may use it for ad purposes, but at least it thinks of it as yours.

Getting data out is easy enough. Google has created a service it calls Takeout. However, as opposed to food, you’ll be getting bits. Head over to www.google.com/settings/takeout to get started.

You will be greeted with a number of Google services and, when you arrive, you’ll need to select the “Create and Archive” option to scroll through each service and check off the ones you wish to export.


By default, every service is checked, and you may very well wish to grab everything to be safe. However, Google is unlikely to kill anything without warning, so you should be safe grabbing just what you need.

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Once you have landed on what you wish to export, click the “Create Archive” and you will be off and running with a new download file for all of the Google info you chose to grab.



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