How To Save Multiple Tabs in your Browser’s Bookmarks Bar

Tab management is not an easy task for people who work online all the day. We have reviewed plenty of tab management apps for Chrome and Firefox. Managing a tab in your browser will improve your productivity as well as give you a clutter free interface to work without any distractions. Today I came with a simple tutorial to save multiple tabs in your bookmarks bar. You don’t need any third party apps to do this. This option is available in Chrome and Firefox by default. Here’s how to do it.

Using this option, you can add any number of tabs to your bookmarks bar for later access. You can save commonly used tabs or a set of tabs you want to review later or anything in just a second. The procedure for saving tabs is same for both Chrome and Firefox.

1. Create a separate Folder in your Bookmarks bar to save the tabs in your browser. You can create multiple folders to save different set of tabs.

2. After you create a folder, you need to move all the tabs to a single window. If you want to save all the tabs in the same window you don’t need to move or anything just leave it.

3. After moving the tabs, right click on any one of the tabs and select “Bookmark all tabs” from the list. This option is same for both Chrome and Firefox.


4. Once you click that option, it will open the bookmarks bar window on your browser, in which you need to select the folder you have created and click “Save”.

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5. Now all the tabs on that window will be saved to folder you have created on your bookmarks bar.


You can open these tabs anytime you need and the folder will be there on your bookmarks bar for instant access. You can also save the most used links in a single folder and open it quickly whenever you restart the computer. I have already wrote about a chrome extension and a web app to manage bookmarks in your browsers. This simple tip will also help you to save pages instantly on your browser. How useful is this tutorial ? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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