How to Disable Twitter’s Image Previews in Android and iOS

Twitter has announced changes to the way tweeted images are displayed in your timeline. Now rather than appearing as a clickable link, images are displayed as previews. While this is useful for some people, it is not for everyone.

The problem with the image preview feature is that it means you have to scroll more through your timeline, and there are also fears that the feature will be used to display advertisements. If you have upgraded to the latest version of the Twitter app for iOS or Android, you have a way to get out of seeing such previews.

The process is virtually identical for both mobile operating systems. Launch the app, go to your profile tab and tap the gear icon.


Select the Settings option and then scroll down to the Advanced section of the list of options. In Android, untick the option labelled Image previews and then tap back to the app.


Things are almost exactly the same in iOS, except you will need to tap the Image Preview toggle rather than using a checkbox.

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