Instapaper For Android Got A New Interface with Tons of Tweaks

Instapaper is one of the famous offline news reader apps for Android. After Betaworks purchased the application earlier this year, the web interface and the iOS app was updated few months back. After a long wait, Instapaper rolled out the update for Android last week. The application is completely redesigned and tons of new features were introduced in the application.


Instapaper is a premium news reader app for Android. It saves articles from web and other news reader apps for offline reading. You can catch up all your favorite articles on the go using this application. The new Instapaper app for Android includes all the features of iOS application. The new updated app for Android is completely redesigned with a brand new interface. The primary feature updated on the application is, you can now pull to refresh the news feed and it supports videos inside the articles. Also the new update brings the inbuilt sorting and filtering tools to organize the articles from your subscriptions.


Next update in the application is, users can easily navigate between the articles with just a swipe. With left and right swipe on the screen users can move to previous and next articles easily. Even they can move between different pages with just a swipe on the application. Another important feature introduced in new update is the InstaRank. It lets you arrange articles in the app by date, popularity, length and various other factors of an article. This feature will let you quickly find the trending stories on Internet.


It has a new premium add-on to scan the entire Instapaper application with a single keyword to find the articles. If you want to find articles instantly you can purchase this add-on inside the application. Next option is the shuffle button to pull a random article from your subscription. Just tap the button and get a random article to read whenever you get bored of scrolling. Also there is a new browser introduced inside the application which let the users to preview links inside the article.

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Overall it’s an excellent upgrade compared to the previous versions. Also the Instapaper team has announced that in the upcoming version, the app will be more tablet friendly, there will be more languages support, more social app support and sharing features will be introduced and the performance of the app will be improved than now. If you are looking for a premium news reader app, Instapaper is a best choice. What do you think about the new update for Instapaper ? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this  post with your friends.

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