One Time Box: A New Web App for Temporary File Storage Offers Group Sharing

We all know about the disposable email ids. It is a concept of creating a temporary email id to avoid spams from our original email accounts. We have 10 minute mail and many such temporary email id creators to protect our privacy. The same concept is used in the “One Time Box” application for file sharing. It creates a temporary platform to share files online with a group of people. It is an excellent concept of file sharing with a disposable account. Even though we have plenty of cloud services available to make file sharing easy, this disposable file sharing method will improve your privacy and security.


You don’t need to sign up for using the application. Go to “One Time Box” website and Click the “Create your Box” button on the home page to start with the application. As soon as you click the button you can see a big box saying “Drag files here” as shown in the screenshot below. If you have a file on your desktop or any other drive on your computer, just drag and drop on that area and click the “Upload files” button to get an URL for sharing the file.


There is an advanced uploading option in the same window. Click the “Alt” button in your keyboard or click the link below the “Drag files here” option on the window. It will pop up another window as shown in the screenshot below. It has a list of popular cloud services on the Internet. You can choose any application on the list and upload data from that cloud service. Also you have an option to browse and upload files from your computer.

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Once you complete the file upload, you can easily share the URL to anyone and they can add more files and re-share the URL with you and others. Many Cloud Services have this option of creating a shared folders inside the application. Even you can create a shared label in Gmail but these apps need an account and you can share only within that network. One Time Box lets you create a shared folder with unique URL and lets users to view and add files from different places without creating an account.


The files can be accessed only using the URL and anyone can modify/delete files in the shared folder. One Time Box will be very helpful, in case you need to send files to a set of people who are not in your cloud service network. It is a public shared folder, so you can’t except much privacy. Anyone have the URL can modify your files, so after completing the process delete the files from your end and it will be disposed automatically.

It is an open source project developed for MIT Hackathon Coding Contest. Try this new web application and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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