Remove Empty Directories Easily With ‘RED’

Almost everyone’s computers are filled with empty directories that are of no use. Uninstalling/removing applications via control panel > programs and features does a good job in taking out unwanted software but if you’re looking to remove the clusters of those empty folders, we got an excellent tool for you.

‘RED’ (Remove Empty Directories) is a free application that gives you the ability to completely remove empty directories. It’s a very small application (400kbs) and is still filled up with rich features. After installing and running the application, you’ll see a simple interface. On right side, there’s an Icon description panel which shows you the types of folders it’ll be scanning.

Make sure to check the settings tab before you start your scan. You can select the ‘delete mode’ via the pull down menu. The default is set to ‘Delete to recycle bin’ which deletes the empty folders and send them to the recycle bin from where you can empty it. You can check or uncheck options like Ignore hidden folders, Ignore errors during deletion, skip system directories, detect paths in the clipboard and directories with files that are 0KB count as empty. You can also choose to ignore any type of files or skip certain directories.

Remove Empty Directories - Settings

The scan time depends on how large your hard disk is and how many files/folders are already created since it scans each and everything. During the scan, you can see which directories are which, thanks to the application’s icon (colored) description panel. It searches and deletes empty directories and show the result in an arranged tree. You should make sure that you don’t delete important system or any important files.

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Remove Empty Directories - Scan

Keeping your computer clean results in better performance and you’ll be surprised at the number of empty directories you’ll find using ‘RED’.

Download Remove Empty Directories



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