Download Free Ubuntu Pocket Guide & Reference & Become Expert Ubuntu User

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The battle between Windows and Open Source Linux operating system is unending. There are pros and cons of each of this operating system. Windows operating system are easy to use, user friendly, GUI interface and widely used around the world. Where as Linux operating system are free, varieties of flavors available and are more stable.

If any windows users want to learn or switch to Linux then Ubuntu is best flavor of Linux to try out first. Ubuntu has windows like GUI and has big support community. There are so many guides, tutorials and articles are available for Ubuntu which you can use to get insight of Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Pocket Guide

Several authors has written millions of book on Ubuntu. One such person Keir Thomas, author of numerous Linux how-to books as well as Ubuntu-specific guides, has released a new book called Ubuntu Pocket Guide. The compact 166-page guide to using Linux is available in both printed form as well as a free PDF download.

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is a totally unique and concise guide for everyday Ubuntu users and is written on latest Ubuntu 8.04 LTS version.

You can perches purchase Ubuntu Pocket Guide from at cheep cheap prices of $9.94 or download as PDF format for free using below link

Download Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference and become Expert Ubuntu User.

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