GeoGebra: A Cross Platform App to Plot and Do More with Various Math Equations

Are you a student looking desperately for a computer app that helps in plotting math equations? If yes, then GeoGebra is precisely what you need.

GeoGebra 0

GeoGebra is a powerful math equation plotter and solver. The function of the app is to let you place points on graphs, join them using lines and shapes, draw polygons, create circles, reflect objects, and more. The shapes that are created can also have images, text, and handwriting in them. Any work created in the app can be saved in its own file format or exported into an image format that is more widely used. In addition to these features, the app has is a cross platform one and also a multi lingual one.

The first step in getting started with GeoGebra is to download and install its setup file. The second step would perhaps be to set its language according to your own preferences. Non native English speakers will be pleased to learn of the app’s wide ranging support for non English languages.

When the language is set, you can begin browsing the app’s options. Perhaps the best way to start would be to draw a point on the graphical canvas provided. You can enter a simple Cartesian point or that of a complex number, amongst other options.

GeoGebra 1

Lines and segments can be easily created by joining two points. Rays, poly lines, vectors, and segments can also be created by using one or more points as reference (depending on what you are trying to make).

GeoGebra 2

Creating a circle on the graph is easy. Simply select the center point and then move the mouse away to indicate the circle’s radius. Along with full circles, the app helps you create circular shapes such as arcs, semi circles, sectors, and circumcircular sectors.

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GeoGebra 3

The lines, circles, and any other shapes you draw in the app have their own equations. The mathematical equation for your shapes along with the points highlighted (turning points) can be found in the app’s left pane. The equations work backwards as well i.e. you can have graphs plotted by providing the equation in the app.

GeoGebra 4

All of these features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GeoGebra. The shapes you see on the canvas can be easily reflected, rotated, translated, and dilated using various references.

GeoGebra 5

To better label your shapes or to improve their appeal from a presentation viewpoint, you can use the app’s built in options to insert texts, images, freehand drawings, and more.

GeoGebra 6

The app also provides you with a function inspector, a probability calculator, and helps you find out the  relationship equation between two shapes.

Calculus students will be glad to know that the app assists in the department of derivatives and integrals as well.

GeoGebra 7

The work you are still working on in the app can be saved for later loading in the app’s own file format. Finalized work can be shared by first having it exported in more popular formats such as PNG.

GeoGebra 8

As you can see, this is one math function plotting app that packs a lot of punch. The fact that it supports various platforms ensures that a wide audience can make use of it.

You can get GeoGebra for Windows, Mac, Android, and Ubuntu / Linux from this link.



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