‘Global Rich List’ Ranks Your Wealth and Income on a Global Scale

Are you unhappy with the amount of income that you make? If yes, then ‘Global Rich List’ is one web app that will definitely make you feel better about the amount of money you make.

Global Rich List 1

‘Global Rich List’ is a free to use web application that ranks your finances on a global scale. There is a good chance that if you own a computer and are employed, you will be ranked above the majority of the world’s population. Thus if you are feeling a little bad about the amount of money you make, this website can quickly restore your spirits.

You can feed your finances into the site in terms of either wealth or income. If you choose the wealth option, you must select your country and details of your assets. These assets include the equity in your home, the monetary value of your possessions, and the value of your investments. There is no need to provide currency units as the currency of your selected country is detected and set.

Global Rich List 2

If you decided to go with the Income option, you will be required to select your country and type in your annual salary. Again, the currency will be automatically set according to the country that you have selected.

Global Rich List 3

The above screenshots you see were of me trying out the app with random test values. The results I got were very informative for those figures. The first piece of information you receive after you click on the ‘Show my results’ button is where you rank globally on a financial scale. This is displayed in an easy to grasp infographic that shows the percentile you fall in and the estimated numeric rank you hold.

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Global Rich List 4

If you scroll down the page, you will find stats on how much you make per hour. I am guessing that this calculation factors in an average working routine. Your hourly income is also compared with that of somebody from an unfortunate part of the world who makes lesser than you do.

Global Rich List 5

In multiple places on their page, the application provides you with donation links to help out the needy.

Comparisons such as the one mentioned above are shown throughout the app. One such comparison is your annual income against how much time somebody else would take making that much money.

Global Rich List 6

There is also a comparison made between the time you and somebody else will take working to be able to buy a cola can.

Global Rich List 7

The doctors’ salary equivalence is another informative image – you would be surprised to learn how less paid doctors are in some parts of the world.

Global Rich List 8

In conclusion, Global Rich List is a simple application that will make you feel better about the money you make. And when you are feeling better and thankful about your circumstances, perhaps you could use the donation links available on the site to help people who are not doing as well as you are.

You can visit ‘Global Rich List’ by clicking on this link.



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