Switchr: An Excellent Multitasking App for Android

Multitasking is one of the best features of Smartphones and Tablets. You can toggle between all the running applications quickly and easily. Some of the Android devices have a dedicated button to switch between all the running applications. Previously I wrote about “Appsi” and “Sidebar Plus” to access all the apps installed in your Android device in a swipeable sidebar. Today I came with a new application called “Switchr” to access the apps running in your Android device.


You can download Switchr from Google Play Store using the link below. Once you install the application first you will see the instructions to use it. After completing it, it will take you to the settings page. In the first page, you have the “General Settings”. The first option is to select the “Style” in which you need to open the running apps. There are two styles by default, Switchr Flow and Switchr Slide. Once you select the option, it will direct you how to use both the styles to toggle between the applications.


In General Settings, you can also edit the “Margins” to select from where you need to swipe to get the applications. Choose Sensitivity, Transition Animations, add apps in White list and Black list and much more in the same window. One of the important options in the settings menu is, you can choose whether you want to see the recently used apps or currently running apps while you swipe on the screen. It helps you to customize the multitasking feature in your Smartphone.

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In the next “Switchr” settings, you can adjust the background opacity and appearance of the icons displayed. Also you can limit the number of apps displayed and change the gestures to open and close the apps. In the next section, you can see options to fix issues and get support from the developer. There are few auto-fix options and if you have any doubts or queries regarding the app, you can post in their XDA Forums.


This app is very helpful for devices which don’t have a dedicated button to review the running applications. The “Switch Slide” style in the app looks similar to the new multitasking option in iOS 7. Even though the gestures are different, the app display in the screen looks similar to that. This app is available in free and premium versions. In free version some of the important options are disabled. First try the free version, if you like it, you can go for the paid ones.

It is an excellent app for people who use Android Tablets. Try this app on your Android devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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