Bot Revolt: Automatically Block Connections From Malicious Websites And More

Keeping your computer safe from malicious tools and softwares should be your top priority. A virus or any sort of malware can pop up from nowhere and make your life miserable. Using anti-viruses, cleaners, malware applications etc. can protect you from these threats, but with time, the malicious tools are becoming more dangerous as well the tools to counter them. Today, we came across an excellent security application called Bot Revolt Anti-Malware that can help you protect your computer.

Bot Revolt is one of the best ways to protect your computer. They have combined major security organizations with their own set of blacklists also known as known bad computers, websites. Any threat that can affect your computer from an IP address is automatically blocked by Bot Revolt, keeping you safe from viruses, bots, worms and hackers.

To get started, simply download the application from the link at the end of the post. Once installed, it’ll pop-up its update window to download the latest scams/spam, privacy, malware, spyware and more lists.


After updating, it’ll automatically start blocking / allowing connections to your computer. Unlike any other anti-viruses, you don’t need to start those long scans since it constantly scans and blocks every .002 seconds without slowing your computer down.



Bot Revolt is instant protection; it displays threats in real time, gives you detailed description of Intruders by showing you who and where they are coming from. You also have the option of changing the application’s appearance where you can choose to show the allowed connection, notify on http blocks, change the color of blocked and allowed sources. To keep your HD clear, you can also set it to delete the log automatically after a certain period of time.

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By clicking the list manager, you can check, uncheck or even add the lists you want to be safe from. Malware, spyware, scams/spam, bitcoin bandits, your privacy and Bot Revolt’s own list comes as default.


All these features come when you install their free version which isn’t bad at all. Although, if you decide to sign-up for their paid account ($4.95 a month or $47 a year), the application gives you extra features such as the Incognito mode where you can browse privately online and it’ll prevent anyone from tracking what you’re doing.

In conclusion, I must say that its a very decent application if you’re looking to keep hackers out and protect your personal data.

Download BotRevolt



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