SuperSimple Video Converter: Convert Videos into a Wide Range of Formats [Windows]

If you have a smartphone, there is a good chance that you use it to view videos. While there are many websites you could stream videos off using your handheld device, there are times when you simply need to transfer videos to the device from your computer. This, along with many other scenarios, is where you normally need to convert videos from one format to another. Here to help you with this video format conversion task is an extremely user friendly app called ‘SuperSimple Video Converter’.

SuperSimple Video Converter 1

SuperSimple Video Converter is an excellent piece of freeware for Windows that performs a task which is quite evident by its name: video format conversion. The application’s fortes are its extremely easy to navigate interface, its support for a very wide range of output video formats, and its ability to let the user automatically or manually fine tune the output options e.g. bit rates, video dimensions, etc.

To get started with the application, you must download and install its setup file which is sized at nearly 8 MB. With the app installed, you can point it to any video file that you have stored locally i.e. on the computer which you are using the app. The video is then displayed with information shown about its name, directory, length, video format, and status (see screenshot above).

With the video added and highlighted, you can click on the button labeled Adjust to specify the starting and ending times for the video conversion; additionally you can modify the output volume of the video and optionally enable the deinterlace option.

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SuperSimple Video Converter 2

Clicking on the Convert button in the app’s main window will open up the conversion dialog box. This is where you can specify the output folder for the converted video.

SuperSimple Video Converter 3

This window is also where you can select the output video format. To see what options are available, explore the dropdown labeled ‘Output format’.

SuperSimple Video Converter 4

Any format you choose can be customized. The customization settings let you set the video dimensions, frame rate, video and audio bit rates, and encoding speed. By default, these values are set to be automatically selected however you can manually set them anytime you want.

SuperSimple Video Converter 5

As you can see, this powerful video converter lets you convert your videos for nearly any device. The app provides its users with not only numerous output video formats, but also with the ability to tweak them i.e. specify file output dimensions, bit rates, frame rates, and more. This is about as best a video converter can get while keeping things “super-simple”. If you are a Windows user who converts videos often, check out this app – you will not be disappointed.

You can get ‘SuperSimple Video Converter’ from this link.



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