Get Graph Plots of Browsing History Patterns with ‘History Trends Unlimited’ [Google Chrome]

Unless you are in incognito or an equivalent private mode, all modern web browsers keep a log of your browsing history that can be viewed by you anytime. Normally, this history is used to find any webpage that you visited earlier and cannot currently find. But in addition to this, the web history can be a powerful tool in analyzing your online productivity. For Google Chrome users, this analysis is made easier through the use of an extension called ‘History Trends Unlimited’.

History Trends Unlimited 0

History Trends Unlimited is a free to use browser tool that comes an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The function of this neat extension is to help you analyze your browsing history. Your analysis is assisted by the extension because it provides you with lists of mostly frequented domains and URLs, along with various graphs of your browsing history trends.

After you install the extension, you will find its icon placed in Google Chrome’s address bar, like in the screenshot above. You can click on this icon for the extension to gather the data from your browser’s history logs and then serve you the summarized data. This data includes the 10 most visited domains and URLs.

History Trends Unlimited 1

A browsing history activity breakdown by day lists your most busiest internet days along with the daily average internet browsing stats.

History Trends Unlimited 2

All of this data is shown stacked together in a new tab of the extension. Moving down the stack, you find graphs that clearly indicate your browsing history trends. For example, there are “visits per day” and “time of day” graph plots that help you understand your internet browsing frequency.

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History Trends Unlimited 3

Similarly there are weekly, monthly, and yearly bar graphs for your number of visits. The transition types to each webpage are also logged and the extension displays them in a pie chart.

History Trends Unlimited 4

As you can see, this simply extension provides its users with a lot of features to understand their browsing habits. You can view the various graphs provided by the extension to not only see which sites you have frequented the most or least, but also to realize if you should be decreasing or increasing your visits to a particular site – in this sense, the app can be an excellent tool that helps you in increasing your productivity while you work on your computer. Google Chrome users should definitely check out this extension. And if you have similar tools on your mind, let us know in the comments section.

You can get ‘History Trends Unlimited’ from this link.



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