Track the Number of Tabs you have Opened using Tab Stats for Chrome

People who work online all the day, will open lots of tabs in their browser and most of them will remain unused. In a certain point, the tabs will get crowded and you can’t find the one you need. That’s why we have plenty of tab management apps for all the leading browsers. We have covered many useful extensions for Chrome and Veritabs is one of the best tab management app for Chrome. No matter how many tabs you have opened, it helps you to manage all the tabs in a vertical scroll bar.

Today I came with a new app called “Tab Stats” for Chrome, which lets you track all the tabs you have opened and will give you a graph on how many tabs you have opened on different timings.


You can download Tab Stats from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you install the application, you can see “Tab Stats” icon near to the URL bar. If you click that it will show you how many tabs are currently active. It will be helpful when you have opened plenty of tabs in a single page. Click the “Graph” button below to see the usage. The graph contains four display options based on different timings. You can see how many tabs you have opened in the last 24 hours, last 6 hours, last 1 hour and in all the time. This will help you to keep track of the number of tabs you have used on a different timings.


Customize the look of graph displayed by using different options below the timings. You can choose to show/hide the lines, points and horizontal and vertical grid lines shown in the graph. Also you can change the color of all those lines and points displayed in the graph. As of now, the extension contains very basic information and the developer has mentioned that few more interesting features will be added in the forthcoming version.

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In the upcoming version, user can share the graph information in their social accounts like Facebook, Google+, etc. There will be more graph displaying options and much more colors to customize the graph. Also it will let users to compare the graph with their friends and will be made more attractive with new icons. It is a very simple extension but this will be very helpful for people who use plenty of tabs in their browser. Please share your views about this extension in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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