Convert PDF Files to Different Formats From Your Desktop Context Menu

If you use or work with PDF files, you might have faced an issue where you have to convert a file to other formats like text or an image. Usually in this case, a common user heads to online file converters, which may do a fine job but it’ll cost you more time. We came across an excellent desktop based windows application called Cometdocs that makes these conversions a piece of cake.

Cometdocs is basically a web service which provides its users free storage space and is known as a free online document management system. You can use their services without registering for an account but signing up, which will take less than a minute, can give you fewer limitations since there’s also a premium (paid) account. A registered user will get 1GB worth of daily file transfers, 2GB document storage limit, better control of sharing visibility etc.

Getting back to their application, converting a PDF file to other formats is very simple. After downloading the converter (link below), install and register for an account if you don’t already have one and sign in. It’ll start in the background and you can find it’s icon in your taskbar if you need to close or sign out of it.


Cometdocs adds a ‘Convert To’ in the context menu. All you need to do is right click on a file and you’ll see the Convert to option. You will be surprised to see the amount of formats it offers. It supports almost all the formats that come with Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc). You can also convert your PDF to text, LibreOffice format, AutoCad images and even a web page.

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As soon you choose your desired format, Cometdoc’s conversion window will open where you can see the progress of your file. It usually takes less than a minute; all depends on how large the file is.


Another awesome feature of this application is that you can also convert any text file / image to PDF format as well. Same steps right click on a file and click ‘Create PDF’. All in all, this is an amazingly useful application for people who work with digital files on regular basis.

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