How to Make Stick Figure GIF Animations with ‘Pivot Animator’ [Windows]

Bored on a Sunday and want to have some fun? If yes, then you should try out the fun app called ‘Pivor Animator’.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator 0

Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a fun application that is made for computers which are running the Windows OS. The function of this application is to help people easily make stick figure animations by controlling the motion of the stick figures in every frames. The figures presented to you are composed of nodes for each ‘joint’ in the figure. You can move these joints and save a frame for each change. A user can then specify the time between each frame, the color of the figures, along with the dimensions of the resultant GIF animation.

To get started, you should download and install the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 2 MB. Once the application is setup, you can open it to find the default stick figure already present – a stick figure man.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator 1

The yellow dot in the center can be used to click-and-drag the man around. The other red dots are nodes that you can click-and-drag to animate the figure’s motion. After each change in motion, you can click on the ‘Add Frame’ button in the bottom left corner of the app to save the frame. New shapes and figures can be added to the animation anytime you want. These new shapes are also stick figures and they can be made from within the app.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator 2

You can fully customize your animations by the colors you use for your figures. Additionally, you can add backgrounds against which your figures are animated.

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Pivot Stickfigure Animator 3

Once you are done making changes to your animation – or even before – you can select the time spent on each frame. The ‘Play’ and ‘Stop’ button in the left panel let you preview your animation before you finalize it. When the time comes to finalize your animation, you can specify its dimensions i.e. its width and height in pixels.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator 4

Works that are in progress can be saved as files of the “PIV” file extension – the app’s own. Finished works can be exported into the GIF file format and then used where you want online or in your projects.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator 5

With this handy app, creating GIF animation for stick figures was never easier. Whether you want such an animation for a project of yours or you just want to have fun, this app shall not disappoint.

You can get the Pivot Stickfigure Animator by clicking on this link.



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