Send to Toys: Create Additional Useful Options in Windows’ “Send to” Context Sub-Menu

When you right click on a highlighted file or folder in Windows, a context menu opens up. There a submenu in this menu which is titled “Send To”. This submenu lets you quickly send a shortcut to the desktop, make zip archive of the file, and do a few other things.

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While this is convenient, users may feel that the options are too few and more could be added to improve matters. This is where ‘Send to Toys’ comes into play.
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With ‘Send to Toys’ you get an application that adds a bunch of convenient shortcuts to the ‘Send to’ submenu appearing in the context menu. By default, you get options to zip a file / folder, email it, send it to a plugged in flash drive, or send a shortcut to desktop. But with this application you can send the filename to the clipboard, the email to a predefined address, the favorites, the recycle bin, and many more locations.

To get started, you should download the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 2 MB. After you install the application, you can open its main window. Under the ‘Send To’ tab you will find options that you can add to the ‘Send to’ context submenu.

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The following are what can be added:

  • Copy the file / folder to the clipboard as an object
  • Copy the file / folder to the clipboard as its name
  • Open the folder location in Command Prompt
  • Send the file to a compressed archive
  • Send the file / folder in an email to a predefined address
  • Send the folder to your Favorites in Windows
  • Send the file to Quick Launch
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… and many other options.

Another option presented by the application is letting you send any selected file / folder to a predefined folder. This location of this folder can be defined under the “Folder” tab in the app’s main window. You can optionally have the folder location opened once the transfer has been made.

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The app even provides detailed control over how files are copied to the clipboard. These can be accessed and modified under the “Clipboard” tab.

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Finally, the “Default Mail Recipient” tab lets you specify the mailing options for when you decided to email a file or folder. The To, CC, and BCC addresses, along with the email subject and message can all be predefined.

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As you can see, “Send to Toys” truly expands the options that are available in the “Send To” context submenu. By letting you send a file virtually anyplace or any app on your PC, this utility ends up saving a lot of your time.

Visit this website to download the setup for ‘Send to Toys’.



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